Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting deep right at the start??

"What might touching lead to? This light and tentative verb anticipates the many stronger acts of connection we might find in a thesaurus of settlement: to touch, to caress, to infect, to cheat, to improve, to confiscate, to madden, to overwhelm. But in the nautical instance, touching for cargo is soon followed by the carriage and dis-embarkation of passengers who are coming ashore to stay, and they make a landing place or beachhead from which other landings, other exchanges will follow. The landing place is neither the beach of first contact nor the strand of a settled region, but a middle ground enlarged and transformed by traffic coming across it each way. "  

From "The Settler's Plot" Alex Calder


Anonymous said...

totally, nice under water shot, where is that from?

Anonymous said...

exerpts which may help to elucidate some of the intigues which are trying to unravel, from tCoC/HPL;

"The Morrison Co.'s freighter Vigilant, bound from Valparaiso, arrived this morning at its wharf in Darling
Harbour, having in tow the battled and disabled but heavily armed steam yacht Alert of Dunedin, N.Z., which
was sighted April 12th in S. Latitude 34°21', W. Longitude 152°17', with one living and one dead man aboard."

"Cable advices from Dunedin report that the Alert was
well known there as an island trader, and bore an evil reputation along the waterfront, It was owned by a
curious group of half-castes whose frequent meetings and night trips to the woods attracted no little curiosity;
and it had set sail in great haste just after the storm and earth tremors of March 1st."

goosey said...

From an early model of tentacles ...

Ian Wedde said...

Great quote from Alex Calder.