Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting pointers stranded stoppages

I've been frustratedly kept from spending all that much time in the studio recently. Enough time perhaps to begin various parts of the show, but I have been lucky enough to have been given some work at the Wellington Museum of City and Sea - formally known as the Wellington Maritime Museum. The museum have been developing their collection store facility. I've been packing and cataloguing objects for 6 weeks.

 Having chosen to create an exhibit which allies itself to "The era of the Nautical exploration of the ocean", the influence of being amongst such a mass of antiquities was overwhelming. The way in which some items, generally usefull things or commonplace objects ( Perhaps from a union steamship boat "touching" cargo at a port ) - items essentially trivial and ubiquitous become something else,  they seem something more influential and easily charged with displaced sentimentality.

 The whole experience left me stranded entirely chart out the voyage some of those items had been on is beyond my idea of what Im doing. Maybe just finding amongst them all a few markers is enough. They - the chosen few items, may just be enough to hint at the tidal vortex of trivialities that this era birthed into the waterways of this world.

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